Stop the Blocks Guidance 19 September 2019 (pdf)


Suggested POINTS for comments on the planning application


We are not opposed to redevelopment of the site. We want more affordable and accessible housing in this community. But it has to be proportionate to its setting and sustainable in the long term.

We want a lower density development that would protect the significance of the Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and respect the prevailing building heights, density and massing of the surrounding residential properties.

The planning application reference number is: Ref No:19/02696/FUL 

Please quote this reference number on any correspondence to Lambeth Council when referring to this application.   

It is vital to object using valid planning reasons or you will not be heard. 

Key reasons why the proposals are not considered suitable:

  1. Height and bulk blocking daylight and privacy to existing homes
  2. Over-development of the site and poor urban design; limited amenity space and tight walking routes around the building with limited natural light
  3. Only 24 out of the 258 units proposed will be “affordable” rent units
  4. Impact on Listed Water Tower and Cinema Museum building
  5. Impact on Brook Drive, Renfrew Road, Elliot’s Row, Walcot Square and Conservation Area, St. Mary’s Gardens and West Square Conservation Areas
  6. Outside the Elephant and Castle core of tall buildings (which border main roads) 
  7. Disproportionate and excessively high density of dwellings out of context with a low-rise urban area (tower will be in the centre of pre-existing residential areas)
  8. Additional strain and cost of impact on environment, existing roads, services and supporting infrastructure.
  9. Contrary to Lambeth Local Plan and London Plan policy
  10. Sets precedent for more tall buildings across Kennington